Seconds make Single Score on Watson's Tally-Grew Probably out of Saturday's Game Because of Injuries

Again Coach Knox's black knights charged into the Stadium yesterday afternoon to joust with the first University football team. The seconds struggled hard to avenge themselves for the 14-0 defeat received in Monday's scrimmage, but although they managed to drop kick once over the University goal post, the first team atoned amply with three touchdowns and two goals from the field.

The scrimmage started with a Team A line of Gordon and Hill at tackles, Captain Hubbard and Daniell at Guards, and Kernan at Center, and a backfield with Lee at quarterback and Jenkins, Pfaffmann, and Howe filling the remaining positions.

The ball was put in play at mid-field and Howe started it on its way toward.

the second team goal with a series of long steady line plays. Then Jenkins got away for a 20-yard run and left the ball in an easy position for Howe to rush it over the goal line on the next play. Plaffmann kicked the goal.

The ball was carried back to mid-field where its sojourn was but short. After a few preliminary plays, Merrill, who had gone in in place of Jenkins, broke loose and with almost perfect interference, carried the hall 45 yards for a second touchdown. Mosely, who in the quick succession of quarterbacks, had replaced McGlone, attempted the goal from the field but kicked wild.


Again the ball went back to the center of the field. Substitutes were sent in wholesale,-Crosby and Evans went in at ends, Russell Hubbard and Hobson at tackles, Littlefield replaced Daniell, and Greenough went in in place of Kernan. In the backfield Gillies replaced Mosely at quarterback, and Robb and Rosers joined Merrill at the other back-held stations.

Once more the University team paraded toward the second team goal, stopping only long enough to take on substitutes. Merrill made the third goal on an off tackle play and Rogers kicked the goal.

A fourth time the ball was taken out, and this time the seconds were able to score their first points, when J. H. Watson drop-kicked successfully from the University 20-yard line.

Coburn was a new addition to the first squad sick list, which still contains the names of Grew and Donovan. Coburn's ailment is merely a sore ankle as a result of excessive drop kicking on Monday and is not expected to prove a permanent disability. Grew's injuries, however, are such as will probaby keep him out of the first game with Rhode Island State on Saturday