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The Harvard football team is at last beginning to find itself. That was the verdict at Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon after a long scrimmage with the scrubs in which Coach Fisher's men displayed more power than at any time this season. Although still stiff and bruised from last Saturday's encounter with Dartmouth, the University showed a driving attack in puncturing the second team line for two touchdowns which make the prospects for the future far less gloomy than they appeared late Saturday afternoon.

Dartmouth's victory has by no means sounded the death knell of the Harvard football season. Coach Fisher may yet develop a winning team from the wealth of potential material at his disposal. A distinct advance is anticipated against Tufts on Saturday, and Harvard hopes to be on equal terms with Princeton when it invades the Palmer Stadium on November 10.

Scrimmage Started Between A and B

Practice began yesterday with a preliminary scrimmage between teams A and B. Then team A took on the seconds, and in spite of the fact that the scrubs have a game with Andover this afternoon, the ensuing scrimmage was by no means light.

The most important shift in the team A lineup as it faced the second team on the 50-yard line was that Dunker was shifted-back to right guard, a position which he has not played regularly since his Freshman year, while Evans was given his berth at right tackle. The complete lineup of the team was as follows: Hill and Crosby, ends; Eastman and Evans, tackles; Dunker and Hubbard, guards; Greenough, center; McGlone, quarterback; and Jenkins, Hammond, and Cheek, backs. Later Lockwood went in for Jenkins and each of the quarterbacks was given a chance during the scrimmage. The only men who were not given active work in the course of the afternoon were Adie, Howe, and Kernan who were kept on the side lines by injuries.

First University Score Came Easily

On about the third play, Hammond punted from mid-field over the second team goal line. The ball was taken out to the 20-yard line, promptly fumbled by the seconds and recovered by the University. In two downs the University had scored a touchdown. First came a five yard gain through the line and then a 15-yard run by Lockwood which ended behind the second's goal line.

The second touchdown was obtained almost as expeditiously. Starting on the 50-yard line, McGlone wormed through the line and ran for 20 yards. Three downs gave the team another first down. Several consistent gains followed and then Cordingly broke loose for a 12-yard run for a touchdown.

Returning to the 50-yard line, the Crimson team functioned less smoothly on its third trip down the field. After losing and recovering the ball, the University team finally brought the ball to the scrubs goal line, but were unable to rush it across before the end of the scrimmage.

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