Predicts Klan Will Soon Sweep Through Intellectual Student Classes as it Has Through the Masses

Princeton, N. J., October 30.--The Ku Klux Klan has purchased Alma College at Zarephath, New Jersey, just 15 miles from Princeton, and plans to stimulate intellectual interest in the work of the Klan among the undergraduates and to instill in them the principles of the Klan.

Bishop Alma White, the founder of the Pillar of Fire Church, and an author of various religious works, is President of the institution under the new regime. In an interview for the Princetonian today Bishop White deplored the present indifference of the undergraduate to the Klan and predicted that in the near future "it will sweep through the intellectual student classes as through the masses of the people."

As far as has been ascertained by the Princetonian no specific attempt has yet been made to stimulate interest in the Klan among the Princeton undergraduates.

Alma College is the second institution in the north avowedly run by the Ku Klux Klan to further its aims and principles. The other is Valparaiso University at Valparaiso, Ind., near Chicago, which was purchased outright by the Klan several months ago.