A crippled Freshman football team reported to Coach Campbell at Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon for the first time since its disastrous game with the Princeton Freshmen last Saturday.

The game was unusually hard fought and the casualties were heavy on both sides. As a result there were several vacancies in the squad that reported yesterday.

First String Backs All Injured

The entire first string backfield save Hamlen, the quarterback, was on the disabled list yesterday. Zarakov, the Freshman star, on whom the team depended for much of its scoring power against the Yale Freshman on Saturday, was hobbling around on crutches Miller, who contributed one of the most sensational runs in last Saturday's game, was also limping badly yesterday. Coady his running mate, although less seriously injured, was also in poor condition yesterday. Ellison, another reliable backfield man, is still on crutches from injuries received in the middle of the season.

Captain Daley Badly Hurt

In the line, the injuries are less numerous, but the absence of Captain Daley from practice, and possibly from the lineup on Saturday, when his team meets the Yale Freshmen in the final game of the season, would prove to be a serious blow to the Crimson chances.

In spite of all these handicaps, Coach Campbell made valiant efforts to whip his team into shape at yesterday's practice. Long signal drills and easy scrimmaging with the second Freshman team were the chief features of the practice.

The team will still have two more days of hard practice in which to prepare for the game with the Yale Freshmen. The squad will leave Cambridge Friday morning and reach New Haven in time for a light workout on the Yale gridiron Friday afternoon. That night they will spend in Derby, returning the next morning to meet the Yale Freshmen.

Yale, Freshmen Are Undefeated

The Yale Freshman team will start Saturday's game with several distinct advantages. Undefeated throughout the season, they beat the Princeton Freshmen two weeks ago by a score of 21-7. And last week, while the Harvard team was being shattered by the Princeton Freshmen the first Yale Freshman team played no game and took a complete rest to prepare for the duel with the Harvard Freshmen on Saturday.