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An uneventful two hours of drill marked the second day of hard practice before the University football team faces Brown in the Stadium on Saturday's. That Coach Fisher will use but few on his regulars in Saturday's contest became evident as soon as he had divided his squad up into teams for signal drill and dummy scrimmage. Team A was made up largely of substitutes and the so called team B was composed of men who have previously been playing on the third University team. Few of the regulars were in either of the line-ups. Some of the first string men were in street clothes, while those who reported dressed for practice did little but go through signal practice and light drills.

Even the men on the A and B teams were given a light work out. For some time the two teams faced each other in dummy scrimmage, but no real scrimmage was resorted to all afternoon,--Coach Knox and his scrubs were let outside the Stadium to practice Yale formations and to scrimmage with the Freshmen. Within the Stadium the two University teams spent most of their time drilling to give power and precision to the plays which they will use against Brown and Yale in the Stadium on the next two Saturdays.

The line-ups for the two teams yesterday afternoon were as follows:

Teams A--Ends, Robb and Gordon: tackles, Eastman and Hobson: guards, Grew and Dunker: center, Standish Bradford; quarterback, Spalding; backs, Howe, Hammond and Lockwood.

Team B--Ends, Beals and E. H. Bradford; tackles, Hong and Victor; guards. Donovan and Daniell; center, Macomber; quarterback, Akers; backs, Cordingley, Rogers, and Maher.

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