Professor Taussing Will Give Afternoon Course From November 20 to April 15 to Avoid Conflicts With Organized Athletics

A distinct innovation in University instruction is to be introduced this year, in a winter half course extending from the middle of the first half year until the middle of the second.

Largely for the benefit of undergraduates engaged is organized athletics during the spring and fall, Professor F. W. Taussig of the department of economics, has just announced that his half course, Economics 9b, will begin on Tuesday November 20 and end on April 15.

Hereafter Economics 9b, a course on international trade and tariff policies, has been given in the second half year at 2 o'clock, and for that reason it was impossible for many men engaged in Crew, baseball or track to enroll.

This course is typical of many undergraduate half-courses, meeting in the afternoon. Should this middle winter session of Economics 9b prove attractive to any considerable body of men. It is possible that the change may be applied to other half year courses regularly open to undergraduates but undesirable on account of athletic consists.

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