Crimson Forward Line Will be Chief Weakness--Spirit of Determination Pervades Last Practice.

Though conceded only a fighting chance for victory in tomorrow's game with the powerful Pennsylvania eleven, the Crimson soccer men have by no means lost hope of capturing the contest. After the stiff practice yesterday afternoon the entire squad was pervaded with a spirit it of determination which bodes ill for the invading Pennsylvanians.

A fast scrimmage with the second team, the last hard work-out before the game, was the chief feature of yesterday's program. The forward line which played at Princeton has been left intact, but the defense has been the subject of much experimenting by Coach Welch. The injury which Furber received will probably keep him out of tomorrow's contest, and who will replace him is still an open question. Drew-Bear was at his position, right fullback, yesterday, with Pattison and Tarnowsky flanking Brooks at half-back. Phaneuf, however, cannot be left out of consideration, and may be included somewhere in the backfield tomorrow. Brooks has practically recovered from the injuries he received at Princeton and will surely be seen at center half, while Captain Greenidge and Fitton will be at left fullback and goal as usual.

The forward line, which proved so ineffective against Princeton has been given especially intensive coaching this week and should at least be more effective against the visitors than the Yale team was, which was defeated 6-0. The result of the game, however, will probably hinge more on the defensive work of the University backfield than any other factor. Judged from their disappointing showing against Princeton, which scored almost at will in the first period, the Crimson backs will have to show a decided improvement if the team hopes to capture the game.