Rush of Spectators Makes Checking Difficult--Announcement of Game Regulations Gives All Information

With nearly 55,000 tickets to this afternoon's game to be examined by the Stadium ticket takers between 12.30 and 2 o'clock, special arrangements have been made by the Harvard Athletic Association to eliminate delay and congestion as much as possible.

In view of the fact that the H. A. A. authorities are making especial efforts to detect all cases of the illegal transfer of tickets, each ticket will he carefully examined, and its owner identified before admission is granted to the Stadium.

It is expected that the ticket collectors and the ushers will handle a crowd of about 500 people each minute during the first half hour, increasing to well over 1000 by 2 o'clock.

To meet this situation, about a hundred more ticket takers, ushers, and announcers than have been employed at other capacity games earlier in the season, have been engaged for this afternoon. In addition various regulations have been announced to ticket holders by Hr. H. T. Parker, director of athletic equipment at the University in an effort to eliminate confusion in Soldiers Field. Mr. Parker's announcement, in full, is given below:

"The game will begin at 2 o'clock. Gates will be opened at 12.30 o'clock. The gates on North Harvard Street, which is the continuation of Boylston Street beyond the Anderson Bridge, are numbered in ordeer from the bridge--1-2-3-4-5.


"All ticket holders should enter these gates as follows: Sections 23-37  Gate No. 1 Sections 38-51  Gate No. 3 Sections 1-10  Gate No. 4 Sections 11-23  Gate No. 5

"Ticket holders, coming from Allston, however may all enter Gate No. 5.

"Holders of standing room tickets on top of the Stadium will enter through Gate No. 4 to the East Tower.

"Motorists having special automobile passes will drive in at Gate No. 13, which is between the Anderson Bridge and the Newell Boat House on the Parkway.

"Holders of squad passes and officials will enter through Gate 2.