Has Been Working on Basis of Answers Received From Students--Attempted to Reproduce Psychic Experience

Professor William McDougall, of the department of psychology will discuss the scientific study of psychic phenomena at a meeting of the Graduate Schools. Society in Peabody Hall, Phillips Brooks House at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Professor McDougall is one of the most eminent psychologists in the country. He is a member of several societies of psychic research, and has written a number of books on this subject, among them "The Principles of Social Psychology" and "The Group Mind." He was made a member of the Royal Society in recognition of his research and his writings.

Professor McDougall has announced the subject of his address tomorrow as "Psychic Research," and it is probable that he will discuss in particular the recent questionnaire which was sent out to 1500 members of the University to determine what proportion of that num-had ever experienced mental telepathy or thought transference.

It was the purpose of this uestionnaire to find what students in the University had experienced psychic phenomena, and if possible, to reproduce their experiences under laboratory control.

These experiments have continued for several weeks, and it is probable that Professor McDougall, in his lecture tomorrow, will describe some of the conclusions which have been drawn from them.


Eliot D. Hutchinson, 1G, chairman of the Graduate Schools Society will preside at the meeting. The address will be open to members of the University.