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With the squash season fairly well advanced and the University team holding second place in the league, the opinions of several critics, that Harvard has the best balanced team in the league, seems to be upheld.

Potentially, the team is regarded as one of the strongest, but an unfavorable schedule forces it to play half its league matches away from home. It has already defeated Newton and the Union Boat Club, playing each, twice at its opponent's courts, but this Saturday it will face its first really hard match with B. A. A. in Cambridge.

As the team lines up at present, Captain Dixon '25 at No. 1 stands out. Ranked last season as No. 6 man in the State, he has improved greatly this year, successively defeating Howe of the Union Boat Club and Bray of Newton.

G. D. Debevoise '26, playing No. 2, has suffered from inexperience, and an inability to cope with a hard hitting game in unfamiliar courts. He should find his real form in next Saturday's match. Carroll Harrington '24, No. 3, has been the most erratic player on the team this year. His fine playing in the Newton match, however, shows that he is regaining that form and steadiness which made him a valuable member of last year's team.

At four is J. J. Glessner '25, who has shown a remarkable improvement over his last year's play. He has, in addition, one of the best match-playing temperaments on the team. Five has been a varying position since the opening of the season, with R. P. Rose '25 now filling it. No player on the team can approach Rose in sheer power of strokes, but he is correspondingly the most erratic member of the team. At one time he is brilliant, at other times, scarcely mediocre.

Of the other teams in the League, Lincoln Inn. Tennis and Racquet, B. A. A., and the Harvard Club stand out. All have stars in their line-ups, although the Tennis and Racquet excells in this respect. Presenting a team including Peabody, an ex-National Champion, Hutchens, a former State Champion, and Bradlee, University Champion three years ago, the Tennis and Racquet Club seems unbeatable. Yet, it lost 3-2 to the B. A. A., which showed a strong and well balanced line-up.

To defeat such teams, the University must develop actual strength rather than rely on its potential power. It has so far only defeated teams which have lost other matches, so nothing can be judged from its previous record. It has the strength; whether that strength develops remains to be seen.

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