Floor Will be Thrown Open for General Discussion After the Four Formal Speeches at the Union Tuesday

The Debating Union will hold a meeting on Tuesday, December 18, in the Faculty Room of the Union. This will be the first meeting of the organization and will be open to all members of the University whether or not they are members of the Debating Union or of the Union.

The subject under discussion, the wording of which has not yet been definitely settled, will be along the general lines of the question: "Resolved: that in the interests of the country a Conservative and a Liberal Party should supercede the present Republican and Democratic Parties." The speakers will be Henry Eldridge '24, F. G. Cleveland '25, J. H. Finley '25 and W. I. Nichols '25.

As was announced on December 4, the Conservative and Progressive Clubs have voted to merge and become a single body. For this purpose, a short reorganization meeting will be held before the question for debate is brought up. At this time a permanent President and an Executive Committee of four members will be elected.

Each of the four speakers will then give a seven minute prepared speech, after which the floor will be opened to discussion. Following this a vote of the floor will be taken which will decide the outcome of the debate.