Six committees, with a total of 47 men, were appointed yesterday by the Sophomore class officers. These are the Executive Committee, the Smoker Committee, the Dinner Committee, Foreign Students Committee, Jubilee Advisory Committee and the chairmen of the Blue Book Board.

The Executive Committee consists of Nathaniel Saltonstall Howe of New York, President of the class; Frederick Strong Moseley of Boston, Vice-President of the class; Everett Wells Martin of Middleboro, Secretary-Treasurer of the class; William Conkling Ladd of Cleveland, Ohio, Student Council Member; and the following Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the newly-appointed committees: Robert Gray Allen of Andover, Chairman of the Dinner Committee; Francis Lowell Barton of Boston, Chairman of the Jubilee Advisory Committee; Marion Adolphus Cheek of Berkeley, California, Chairman of the Smoker Committee; George Douglass Debevoise of New York City, Editorial Chairman of the Blue Book; Hershel Hobart MacCubbin of Pleasant Hills, Maryland, Chairman of the Foreign Students Committee; John James Maher of Bridgeport, Connecticut, second Vice-Chairman of the Dinner Committee; Edward Walker Marshall of Portland, Maine, Business Chairman of the Blue Book; and Channing McGregory Wells of Southbridge, Vice-Chairman of the Dinner Committee. These men will meet soon after the recess to discuss plans for the remainder of the year.

Besides the two Chairmen of the Blue Book Board, eleven other members will be chosen by a competition which will start at a date not yet decided upon.

Cheek Heads Smoker Committee

The Smoker Committee, of which M. A. Check is Chairman, will make plans for a Smoker to be held next term. The members of this committee are as follows: James Leland Combs of Valley City. North Dakota; Eugene Sanger Daniell of Greenland, New Hampshire; Howard Finney Jr. of Upper Montclair, New Jersey; Woodbury Howard of Nashua, New Hampshire; Samuel Blackwell Jones of Elizabeth, New Jersey; George Douglas Krumbhaar of Cazenovia, New York; Joseph Carlton McGlone of Natick; Alfred Dayton Phillips Jr. of Springfield; Lawrence Orlen Pratt of West Newton; Robert Winslow Puffer, Jr. of Wellesley Hills; Willard Lewis Tibbetts Jr. of South Boston, and Frederick Portas Weymer of Syracuse, New York.


The 1926 Dinner will be held in May. The Committee in charge of the Dinner in addition to R. G. Allen, Chairman, and C. McG. Wells and J. J. Maher, Vice-Chairmen, is as folows: John Wright Adie of Chestnut Hill; Henry Goddard Bradlee of Brookline; Samuel Willard Bridges Jr. of Newton; Thayer Cumings of Bedford Hills, New York; George Wallace Foster of West Roxbury; Charles Lewis Harding Jr. of Dedham; Columbus O'Donnell Iselin of New York City; George Beere Moynahan of Mattapan; Perry Rogers Pease of Hempstead, Long Island, New York; Harold Irving Pratt of New York City; Kenneth Morse Rogers of Dorchester; Hovey Edward Slayton of Manchester, New Hampshire; Donald Spencer of Cambridge; Donald LeBosquet Sweeney of Newton Highlands; Albert Tilt Jr. of New York City; Charles Lee Todd Jr. of South Lincoln; and Richard Trimble Jr. of New York City.

The Foreign Students Committee is designed to keep in touch with foreign students in the class. Besides the Chairman, H. A. MacCubbin, the Committee consists of a Secretary, Lement Upham Harris of Tuxedo Park, New York, and the following members: Charles Edward Baldwin Jr. of Chester, Pennsylvania; William Rowell Chase of Brookline; Harold Kennedy Hudner of Fall River; Robert Hugo Schacht of Brookline; Charles Folsom Walcott of Cambridge; and John Hayes Watson of Bayside, Long Island, New York.

The Jubilee Advisory Committee will act as mentors to the Freshman Jubilee Committee next spring. In addition to F. L. Barton, Chairman, the members are as follows: Harold Robertson Jones of Kansas City, Missouri; Henry Parish 2nd of New York City; Robert Morgan Parker of Providence, Rhode Island; John Wilder Perkins of Hampton. New Hampshire; and William Thomas Reid 3rd of Brookline