Hundred and First Observation Squadron Wants Ten Freshmen and Sophomores

Freshmen and Sophomores interested in Military Aviation have been offered an opportunity to join the 101st Observation Squadron 26th Division Air Service. At present there are ten vacancies and Lieutenant G. H. Fiske '14 has opened the enrollment to the two lower classes of the University.

Three of the vacancies are in the Military Intelligence section and seven in the photographic. The members of these aoctions will have an excellent opportunity to learn the rudiments of flying, as the Massachusetts Air Squadron has put nine planes at the disposal of the 26th Division Air Service for 15 to 20 hours a week.

The duties involved are: first, attendance at a Friday drill; second, attendance at a two weeks tour of duty at camp. Pay at government rates is allowed for this work, but part of it is turned in for the benefit of the Squadron

Enlistment may be made any Friday night at 8 o'clock at the South Armory Irvington Street and Huntington Avenue in Boston. Men should ask for Lieutenant George E. Sprague in charge of the Military. Intelligence section or Lieutenant Walter P. Muther in charge of the Photographic section. Preference will be given in the Military Science section to those men who are taking or have taken some Military Science course; and in the Photographic section to men interested in photography.