Additional Petitions May be Submitted at Crimson Building Before 7 o'Clock on the Evening of February 20

The nominations of nine men for officers of the Freshman class was made yesterday by the Student Council's Committee on Freshman elections. Friday, February 23, has been chosen as the day of election. The rules governing the elections have been stated by the chairman of the committee as follows:

Petitions for additional nominations to be turned in at the office of the President of the CRIMSON, 14 Plympton Street, shall be signed by 35 members of the Freshman class, but no petitions will be received after 7 o'clock on Tuesday evening, February 20. The system of preferential voting will be used as usual. Each elector shall indicate his order of preference for all the candidates for each office except that of Student Council member. A first choice shall count one, a second two, and so on. The candidate receiving the lowest numerical total shall be declared elected. Any ballot on which all the candidates for any office have not been voted upon shall be declared invalid for that office. The election is not declared valid unless 60 per cent of the class vote. Polls will be opened at Sever Hall from 8.30 to 2.30 o'clock, and at Standish Hall from 8 to 6 o'clock.

The list of nominees follows:


Nathaniel Saltonstall Howe of New York; Joseph Carlton McGlone of Natick.



Robert Gray Allen of Andover; Marion Adolphus Cheek Jr. of Brookline.


Stanley deJongh Osborne of Guatemala City, Guatemala; Channing McGregory Wells Jr. of Southbridge.

Student Council Member

John Wright Adie of Chestnut Hill; Charles Lewis Harding Jr. of Dedham; John Nickerson Watters of Winchester.

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