With the odds slightly in favor of Dartmouth, the University track men will enter the triangular meet at Mechanics Building at 7.45 o'clock tonight determined to make good probably the best chance for a Crimson triumph in six years. Cornell, having lost the bulk of her veteran material by graduation, has special power in a few events, but on an average is not rated very high. Dartmouth's combination is reported to be the best in years, while the possibility of Cornell's inexperienced men snatching, several second and third places gives the outcome of the struggle a doubtful aspect. Three of the field events, the pole vault, broad jump, and 35-pound weight, will be held at Soldiers Field this afternoon, and the other events will be run off tonight in conjunction with the N. E. A. A. U. championships.

The drawings for the runners of the three teams, made at the Hotel Lenox last night, give Dartmouth what would seem like an enormous advantage. Coach Hillman drew the poles in each of the four important runs: the 300, 600, 1000, and mile relay. Coach Martin drew three second positions for the Crimson.

The 40-yard dash looks like an over-whelming victory for Cornell. Captain Lovejoy of the Ithacans, who recently bettered the triangular meet record of 4 4-5 seconds by one-fifth of a second in an unofficial time trial, is almost certain of a first place. The Crimson will rely on Vinton Chapin and Murphy to produce results.

In the 300, Coville, the recently discovered Red and White short distance man, is the favorite, with Murphy of Harvard and Blake of Dartmouth likely to press him closely for honors.

Captain Burke should place easily in the 1000 and mile. Last year he set a new meet record in the mile with a time of 4 minutes 27 1-5 seconds.

Last night Coach Martin announced his final choices for the meet as follows:

40-Yard Dash.--Vinton Chapin, Clark, Howard, Murphy.

45-Yard Burdles.--Fletcher, Hauers, Thomas.

300-Yard Run.--Gordon, Merrill, Quinn.

600-Yard Run.--Burke, Merrill, Newhall, Quinn.

1000-Yard Run.--Burke, Newhall, Sherburne.

Mile Run.--Burke, W. L. Chapin, Sherburne.

Two-Mile Run.--W. L. Chapin, Coburn, Lund, Pratt.

Mile Relay.--Burke, Vinton Chapin, Merrill, Murphy.

High Jump.--Gerould, Greeley, Morse.

Broad Jump.--Clark, Merrill, Murphy.

Pole Vault,--Davis, Martindale, Reldy.

35-Pound Weight,--Andrew, Bright, Marshall.

Shot Put.--Dunker, Eastman, Gross.

Freshman Relay,--Allen, Chase, Kane, McGlone.