McLeish With 14 Out of 18 Goals After Fouls and One Tally From Floor Is High Scorer for Crimson

NEW HAVEN, CONN., Feb, 26--Jumping into the lead early in the game as the result of a goal caged after a foul, dropping behind shortly when McLeish did the same feat three times for Harvard, then coming to the fore again as the result of an agggressive attack, the Yale basketball team was able to retain an advantage throughout the remainder of the game and to defeat the Crimson quintet 36-28 here tonight.

The contest was hard-fought, especially in the first period, and just half of the total number of points scored came as the result of free tries after fouls. Suisman, Yale's high scorer counted on 18 of his 21 attempts, while McLeish was able to add 14 points to Harvard's total out of his 18 tries.

The game was featured by the work of the Yale forwards, Pite and Suisman, whose ability to carry the ball down the floor by means of short fast passes, and then to score from beneath the basket helped to increase the winner's total by many points.

The summary: HARVARD  YALE Lowenthal, r.f.  l.g., Luman, Baither, Windsor Gordon, Merriam, Gordon, l.f.  r.g., Haas Miller, c.  c., Conklin McLeish, r.g.  l.f.,Suisman Black, Rudofsky, l.g.  r.f., Pite

Score, Yale 36, Harvard 28. Goals from floor, Pite 4, Suisman 2, Haas 2, Conklin, Lowenthal 4, Gordon 2, McLeish. Goals from fouls, Suisman 18, McLeish 14. Two 15-minute periods.