Overwhelm Visiting Freshmen by Score of 26.0--This Is Fourth Victory for Undefeated Yearlings

Gaining four falls in six bouts, the 1926 wrestling team overwhelmed the Tufts Freshmen last night at the Freshman Athletic Building by the score of 26-0. . This is the fourth victory for the undefeated Freshman team.

The summary.

115-Pound Class.--B. J. Goldberg '26 defeated Psagaris (T) by fall. Time, 6m. 19s.

125-Pound Class.--Carl Stearns '26 defeated Binstock (T) by fall. Time, 3m, 28s.

135-Pound Class.--E. D. Quint '26 defeated Small (T) by decision.

145-Pound Class.--F. B. Hill '26 defeated Lovering (T) by fall. Time, 2m, 7s.

158-Pound Class,--C. R. Brooks '26 defeated Waldron (T) by decision.

175-Pound Class,--F. B. Hayne '26 defeated Thomas (T) by fall. Time, 3m, 34s.