Cut Limits Squad to 32 Men--Seating of Third and Fourth Crews Changed--Are to Remain on Machines.

Somewhat of an innovation in the schedule of preliminary crew work was definitely decided on Saturday evening because of the exceptional length of time that the river is remaining ice-bound. With no immediate prospect of open water on the upper stretches of the Charles, it is planned to send the first two University eights to South Boston for the Daily work-outs, and the activities of Crews A and B will in all probability be carried out on the harbor until the ice around the University boat house breaks up.

The Shawmut Boat Club will be the headquarters of the University carsmen until their return to Newell. This is situated near the Dover Street bridge on For Point Channel where there is at present approximately a half-mile of navigable water. Two shells were sent down Saturday, and the first practice of the season on open water will be late this afternoon with Coach Frank Muller accompanying the crews.

In conjunction with the decision to move to tidewater, the coaches last nights announced a fresh cut in the University squad. Of the five eights comprising the original squad, four are now left, Crews A and B alone remaining intact. The seating of the four eights follows:

Crew A.--Bow, B. G. Rice-Bassett '25; 2, H. S. Morgan '23; 3, G. R. Johnson '25; 4, N. C. Webb '23; 5, B. McK. Henry '24; 6, A. H. Ladd Jr. '23; 7, H. H. Fuller Jr. 3E.S.; stroke, S. N. Brown '24; cox., S. C. Badger '23.

Crew B.--Bow, G. S. Mumford '25; 2, E. S. Matthews '23; 3, Francis Fiske '23; 4, Parker Hamilton '24; 5, C. J. Hubbard Jr. 3E.S.; 6, C. K. Cummings '23; 7, D. S. Holder '24; stroke, S. B. Kelley '25; cox., B. H. Burnham '24.


Crew C.--Bow, W. M. Fairleigh '25; 2, R. F. Bradford '23; 3, C. H. Hollister Jr. '24; 4, J. D. Jameson '24; 5, A. L. Honson Jr. '24; 6, J. R. Hoover '24; 7, M. W. McGreevy '24; stroke, Walter Amory '24.

Crew D.--Bow, W. f. Lewis 2nd '23; 2, Alfred Codman Jr. '25; 3, Standish Bradford '24; 4, M. W. Greenough '25; 5, R. C. Storey Jr. '24; 6, R. S. Hubbard Jr. '24; 7, H. g. Curran '25; stroke, Lovell Thompson '25.