Undefeated Crimson Wrestlers Gain Sixth Victory of Season, 25-0--Overtime Periods Necessary in 3 Matches

The Freshman wrestling team won its sixth straight victory of the season in defeating the Brown Freshmen last Saturday afternoon by the score of 25-0. Although Brown failed to win a single point, each individual bout was closely contested, overtime periods being necessary in three of the seven matches. Posey of Brown was forced to forfeit his match in the 125-pound class because of a dislocated shoulder received from hitting the mat early in the contest.

The Freshmen have now defeated the University seconds, Technology Freshmen, Andover, Tufts Freshmen, Worcester Academy, and Brown Freshmen. They will wrestle Yale in the final match of this season, next Saturday.

115-Pound Class. B. J. Goldberg defeated Field (B) by decision (two overtime periods). Time advantage, 30 1-2s.

125-Pound Class. Captain Carl Stearns defeated Posey (B) by forfeiture.

135-Pound Class. Leo Schwarz defeated Arnold (B) by decision (two overtime periods). Time advantage. 42s.


145-Pound Class. F. D. Hill defeated Captain Andrews (B) by decision. Time advantage. 3m.

158-Pound Class. C. R. Brooks defeated Thompson (B) by decision. Time advantage. 6m.

175-Pound Class. F. B. Hayne defeated Weidman (B) by decision. Time advantage. 5m.

Unlimited Class. C. R. Bradford defeated Kingley (B) by fall. Two overtime periods.