William Edgar Crosby Jr. '24, of West Newton, captain-elect of the University hockey team, and Bernard Sheridan Cogan '23, of Stoneham, have been appointed, it was announced yesterday, Junior head usher and Tree Orator, respectively, by the 1923 Class Day Committee. The head usher for Class Day has personal supervision of the exercises in Sanders Theatre, the Stadium, and the Yard, and he appoints the assistant head ushers and the ushers who aid him in carrying out the arrangements for the day.

The Tree Orator delivers the talk which is annually given on Class Day near Holden Chapel. Only members of the Senior class are permitted to hear this oration, which is usually of a personal nature. Cogan is also the Ivy Orator for Class Day.

The competitions for the Class Day ticket design and for the words of the Baccalaureate Hymn, which are open only to Seniors, will close Saturday, by which time all competitors will submit their work to the Class Day Committee. The winners of the contests will receive free tickets to the Class Day exercises.

The designs for the tickets will be simple so that the reproduction will be clear. They will be made on white paper in black India ink and be four and one-half by seven and one-half inches in size. The designs will bear the following words respectively:

Yard Tickets--"Harvard Class Day 1923. Admit one to the Yard. 2-11 P. M., June 19."


Stadium Tickets.--"Harvard Class Day 1923. Stadium exercises 4 P. M., June 19."

Memorial Tickets,--"Harvard Class Day 1923. Admit one to Memorial Hall and gymnasium. 8-11 P. M., June 10."

The designs for each ticket will be to keeping with its particular purpose. The Memorial tickets, for example, will in general have on them some design of Memorial Hall, and the Yard tickets some familiar object, such as a well-known gate, associated with the Yard.

Words for the Baccalaureate Hymn will be set to some familiar tune such as "Integer Vitae", "Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand", or "Rock of Ages". Any competitor who wishes further information may obtain it by communicating with Russell Robb Jr. '23, Grays 23.