The University fencing team had less trouble than was anticipated in defeating the Dartmouth fencers seven matches to two in Hemenway gymnasium yesterday afternoon. The result of the contest was never in doubt although the individual bouts were, for the most part, closely contested.

The University's comparatively easy victory was a surprise as Dartmouth was supposed to have the most powerful fencing team that the University was scheduled to meet this season. Dartmouth's star foilsman, Hertzberg, has never been defeated by any University fencer in the four years that he has been fencing for Dartmouth and last year he placed third in the fencing intercollegiates. When Captain E. H. Lane '24 defeated Hertzberg seven touches to four, and when E. L. Lane '24 repeated the victory by touching Hertzberg seven times to his six in the most exciting match of the contest, the potentiality of the University's fencing team was shown to a marked degree.

To Meet N. Y. Military Academy

This afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Hemenway gymnasium the University fencers will meet the New York Military Academy in their fourth match of the season. Little is known of the prowess of the Academy team. Five years ago they succeeded in defeating the University by a considerable margin, but two years ago the University foilsmen had no trouble in winning a decisive victory. This year the New York team has been considerably strengthened by having the same coach as the United States Military Academy, whose fencers barely defeated the University a week ago. The same team that fenced yesterday will meet the Academy team this afternoon.

The summary of yesterday's matches is as follows:


Foils.--Captain E. H. Lane '24 defeated Hertzberg (D), 7-4; E. H. Lane '24 defeated Liao (D), 7-5; E. H. Lane '24 defeated Hawley (D), 7-2; E. L. Lane '24 defeated Hertzberg (D), 7-6; E. L. Lane '24 defeated Liao (D), 7-5; E. L. Lane '24 defeated Hertzberg (D), 7-0; Hertzberg (D) defeated G. S. Sharp '24. 7-4: Liao (D) defeated Lendon Snedeker '25, 7-4; Roland Fleer '24 defeated Hawley (D), 7-6.

Epee, Liao (D) defeated C. J. Shearn '23, 1-0.