No Class A Teams in Interscholastic Meet Held on Soldiers first Saturday--Medford Makes Best Time

In the Harvard interscholastic relay carnival held Saturday afternoon at Soldiers Field, Pinkerton Academy of Derzy N. Hoston the Class B event for New England preparatory schools, while Medford took first place in the Class C section for Massachusetts high schools, leading Boston Latin by the small margin of 2-5 of a second. The meet was marred by the absence of all Class A schools.

Medford High School, running in Class C, kept a slight lead, finishing the course in 3 minutes 17 3-5 seconds, the best time of the meet. The Medford team, composed of Moore, Lewis, Hormel, and Kelley, was always hard-pressed by their opponents, and ran excellently. The feature race of the afternoon was the final event of the meeet between Boston English and Latin, the latter winning in 3 minutes 18 seconds. Haggerty, the first man for Latin, after getting away to a fast start was overtaken and passed by McKillop, who gave a five-yard lead to his teammate, Pickard. Sullivan, the next Latin runner, dropped the baron on the first corner, and, before he could recover itt, was many yards behind. He started immediately, however, and steadily gained ground, finally passing his opponent on the last lap and giving his successor a three-yard lead, which was gradually increased in spite of the efforts of the English runners.

Pinkerton Academy, running against St. John's, won the Class B event with the time of 3 minutes 27 seconds.

The summary:

Class B.--Won by Pinkerton Academy (Huntoon, Eddy, Bartlett, and Rice); second, Noble and Greenough (Fessenden, Simmonds, Spalding, and Hunneman); third, St. John's Preparatory School (Hurley, Chisholm, Grace, and Bray). Time, 3 minutes 27 seconds.

Class C.--Won by Medford (Moore, Lewis, Hormel, and Kelley); second, Boston Latin (Haggerty, J. Sullivan, O'Brien, and Ingoldsby); third, Brockton (Franklin, Lundstrom, Young, and Burns). Time, 3 minutes 17 3-5 seconds.

Milton Academy also ran in Class B, while the other contestants in Class C finished in the following order: Brookline, Boston College High, Boston English, Newton, Winthrop, and Malden.