Participants Selected as Result of Preliminaries Held Yesterday in Freshman Athletic Building

As a result of the preliminaries in the University wrestling tournament held yesterday afternoon, in the Freshman Athletic Building, the following men will meet in the finals tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the Freshman Athletic Building:

115-Pound Class.--Milton Krook '25 vs. A. J. Bronstein '25.

125-Pound Class.--M. N. Millett '25 vs. M. A. Kramer '26.

135-Pound Class.--Morris Michelson '24 vs. T. H. Malmud '25.

145-Pound Class.--J. P. Crawford '24 vs. George Karelitz '24.

155-Pound Class.--L. F. Harris '24 vs. G. M. Kendall '24.

175-Pound Class.--R. LeB. Daggett '23 vs. Murray Campbell '25.

Unlimited.--H. B. Wagner '23 vs. C. A. C. Eastman '24.

None of yesterday's matches were particularly hard-fought except in the 155-pound class when Harris defeated D. S. Muzzey '23 in an exceedingly close match which was won with almost the minimum time advantage.

The summary of yesterday's matches follow:

115-Pound Class.--A. J. Bronstein '25 defeated N. M. Bigelow '26 by fall. Time, 3m. 26s.

125-Pound Class.--M. A. Kramer '26 defeated Sidney Boffman Jr. '26 by decision.

135-Pound Class.--T. H. Malmud '25 defeated Arthur Bronstein '24 by fall. Time, 3m. 31s.

145-Pound Class.--George Karelitz '24 defeated J. S. Satterthwaite '26.

155-Pound Class.--L. F. Harris '24 defeated D. S. Muzzey '23 by decision.