Princeton Wrestling Team Wins by Score of 19-10--Outcome of Match in Doubt Until Wagner Loses Last Bout

In a close and exciting match the Princeton wrestling team defeated the University matmen on Saturday by the score of 19-10. Notwithstanding the Tigers wide margin of victory, the outcome of the match was in doubt up to the last bout, which was between H. B. Wagner '23 and Emery. Wagner was finally thrown for a fall by a headlack and arm scissors, after a terrifle struggle.

Curtis Nelson '24 and P. R. Crowley '25 each threw their men by half nelsons, scoring the Universitys total of ten points.

The summary:

115-Pound Class. Sherman (P) defeated A. J. Bronstein '25 by fall. Time, 8m. 8s.

125-Pound Class. P. R. Crowley '25 defeated Matthews (P) by fall. Time, 4m. 6s.


135-Pound Class. Webster (P) defeated Captain H. J. Freedman 23 by decision.

145-Pound Class. Curtis Nelson '24 defeated Yandell (P) by fall. Time, 7m.

158-Pound Class. Lembcke (P) defeated D. W. Evans 2E.S. by decision.

175-Pound Class. Captain Wilson (P) defeated Francis Rouillard '23 by decision.

Unlimited. Emery (P) defeated H. B. Wagner '23 by fall. Time, 6m.