Will be Situated at North End of Hemenway Gymnasium--Work on New Pool to Start Some Time Before June

Plans have finally been completed for the construction of a new $100,000 swimming pool for the University, and work will be started on the pool before June in order to have it ready next winter. The pool is to be built at the northern end of Hemenway gymnasium.

According to present plans the new tank will be among the best college pools in the country. One of the chief features is an unusually large seating capacity, which will ordinarily be sufficient to accommodate between 1500 and 1700 people, although 2000 may be seated on occasions. Numerous investigations have been conducted into the sanitation problem and the new quarters will be constructed with particular attention to this point.

With a suitable tank available, swimming as a minor sport will in all probability be again recognized by the University, for with such undergraduates sentiment as now obtains a well balanced team should be built up within a few years.