Swimming Marvel Easily Defends Title in 100-Yard Swim

John Weismuller, 19-year-old swimming marvel of the Illinois A. C., who cut 11 seconds from the world's record in the 44-yard swim at Yale Tuesday, had not trouble in defending his title in the American national 100-yard championship at the Brookline Swimming Club last night.

He won in the final beat by yards, not exerting himself until the end. W. T. Pratt 2d, a former Yale swimmer, and Harold Kruger, unattached, were finalists with Weismuller. Pratt finished second fully 20 feet in the rear of Weismuller, while Kruger came in last.

The final beat was in reality only an exhibition but even so he tied the tank record established by himself last year by swimming the 100 yards in 5-4 4-5 seconds.

The stroke that Weismuller used was the six beat crawl, which carried him through the water at a tremendous rate of speed.

The World's record in this event is 52 2-5 seconds and this also is held by Weismuiler.