Green Quintet Breaks 24-24 Tie in Overtime Session, Winning 28-25--McLeish Leads Scoring With 11 Free Throws and One Goal From Field

Dartmouth defeated the University quintet for the second time this season by the score of 28-25 in a game which went into an extra five minute period on the Hemenway court last night. McLeish of the Crimson led the scoring with one field goal and eleven free throws, while Friedman of the visitors was high scorer from the field with four goals.

Dartmouth seized the lead at the opening of the game and easily kept it for the first half, which ended with the score 16-9 in the Hanoverians favor. With the opening of the second half the Crimson game speeded up, while the Green failed to score, and in the last few minutes of play the University was leading by a small margin. It seemed as if the game was over but Dartmouth tied the score at the last moment with a goal from the field and the period ended with the score tied 24-24.

Skillful Passing by Dartmouth

In the succeeding five minutes of play the only point scored by the Crimson was a free throw by McLeish. Although both, teams tried many shots from the middle of the floor neither one succeeded in scoring by this method. Dartmouth got her scores from medium distances after skillfully passing the ball down the court.

This is the fourth defeat of the University by Dartmouth in as many basketball games. The previous scores have been 51-13, 28-20, and 49-37.


The summary: HARVARD  DARTMOUTH Lowenthal, Merriam, Lowenthal,Stevens, r.f.  l.g., Heep Gordon, Merriam, Gordon, l.f.  r.g., Millar, Goas, Millar, Goas Miller, McElroy, Miller, c.  c., Friedman, Watkins Rudofsky, Black, r.g.  l.f., Goldstein Samborski, McLeish, l.g.  r.f., Moore

Score, Harvard 25, Dartmouth 28. Goals from floor, Gordon 2, Lowenthal, Rudofsky, Black, McLeish, Friedman 4, Goldstein 2, Heep, Millar, Watkins, Goals from fouls, McLeish 11, Gordon 2, Moore 10. Referee, G. Hoyt. Time of halves, 20 minutes.