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Playing a cold seven-inning game of early season ball the University baseball team won its third victory of the season by defeating Wesleyan 11 to 7 on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon.

The University began the scoring in the second inning by piling up six runs, forcing Lotspeich to retire from the mound and adding still another run to the total before Moore, his successor brought the inning to a close. The fourth inning brought in two more Crimson runs when, with Thayer on first, Gordon sent out a fly to deep center which went through the fielder's hands, and enabled him to complete the circuit for a home run. The fifth inning added two more to the total when F. S. Hill smashed out a three-base hit and was brought home by Larrabee who in turn completed the circuit on the hits of Bemis and Thayer.

Bemis Gets Five Strike-Outs

The pitching staffs of the two nines shared honors between them. Young who pitched the first four innings struck out seven men, and Bemis who took his place for the remaining three struck out five more. Moore who replaced Lotspeich for the visitors in the second came to bat three times and scored two singles and one two-base hit, all drives to right field.

Coach Slattery has selected the players who will make the spring trip. The list comprises 21 men among whom are included six pitchers. While in the South the squad will play four games as follows:

April 17.--Williams and Mary.

April 18.--Annapolis.

April 19.--Catholic University.

April 20.--University of Maryland.

The men who will make the trip are: Bemis, Buell, Burgess, Clark, Cordingley, Doherty, Gordon, Hammond, K. N. Hill, F. S. Hill, Jenkins, Keegan, Larrabee, Norris, Oakes, Owen, Ross, Samborski, Thayer, Toulmin, and Young.

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