Red and Black Elevens Unable to Tally in Last Spring Football Practice--Game Marked by Frequent Fumbles

At the last football practice of the season yesterday at Soldiers Field, the Red and Black teams scrimmaged for an hour without any score resulting. The game was marked by frequent fumbles that often came when a score was imminent. The Reds were stronger yesterday, partly due to the excellent broken field running of J. H. Watson '26.

The Blacks threatened the Reds' goal only twice, once in the first half and once in the second. They tried a drop kick on the Reds' 15-yard line, but it was blocked and recovered by F. W. LaFarge '25, A. G. Rogers '26 also played brilliantly for the Reds, twice running back kicks for twenty yard gains.

The stars on the Black team were G. O. Braden '25 and F. W. Smith '26, who substituted in the second half. At one time, Smith carried back a kick 25 yards, placing is team in scoring position, but another fumble lost them their opportunity.