"Welcome to Our City" by T. C. Wolfe Will Be Prevented on May 11 and 12 for Invited Guests Only

The 47 Workshop will present a most unusual drama in Agassiz House of Radcliffe College on Friday and Saturday evenings, May 11 and 12, producing "Welcome to Our City", a play of realism in ten scenes, having over 30 speaking parts with an equal number of supernumeraries.

T. C. Wolfe 3G., whose play "The Mountain" was presented by the Workshop in 1921, is the playwright, while John McAndrew '24 recently won the competition for the scene settings. These are of the suggestive rather than the realistic type, in order to facilitate changes between the many scenes.

The presentation is open only to the invited guests of the Workshop.

The cast follows: Baptist Minister,  W. D. Dunkel 1G Mob,  Thirty persons Helen Neely,  Miss Maryalice Secoy Dan,  G. H. Code '18 Mr. Jordan,  Harold Bates Balley,  R. P. Bond 2G. Sorrell,  M. T. Herrick 1G. Old Sorrell,  E. P. Goodnow '17 Uncle Amos,  Stewart Master Rutledge,  C. A. Rollins 1G. Lee,  H. C. Lodge Jr. '24 Mr. Mclntyre,  R. S. Aldrich '25 Johnson,  R. T. Bushnell '19 Hutchings,  E. P. Goodnow '17 Gov. Carr,  L. M. Pearson 2G. Bull,  W. E. Stilwell '25 Doggy,  P. F. Holmes '24 Mary Todd,  Miss Dorothy Googins Mrs. Wheeler,  Miss Angela Morris Annie,  Miss Dorothy Sands Mrs. Rutledge,  Miss Doris Halman Pickens Gaffney,  P. W. Rice 2G. Slew-Foot,  W. E. Stilwell '25 Sam Tipton,  G. H. Code '18 White Chauffeur,  R. I. Leven ocC. Sykes from Boston,  W. L.Smyser '23 Rev. Smallwood,  W. D. Dunkel 1G. Sinclair, the Mayor,  W. N. Morse 4G. Tyson, the Banker,  R. I. Leven ocC. Webster, the publisher,  P. F. Holmes '24 Col. Grimes,  C. H. Morgan '24 Sergeant,  D. W. Keyes, '26 Guardsman,  Harold Bates