Meetings Will Be Held in Crimson Building--To Discuss Questions of News and Business Policy

On Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, all the largest university and college newspapers in the country will each send two representatives to the Eastern Intercollegiate Newspaper Association Convention, which will be held this year in the Harvard Crimson Building. The Collegiate Special Advertising Agency and Roy Barnhill Incorporated, two companies which specialize in college advertising, will also be represented.

The purpose of the Convention is to discuss questions vital to university newspapers, such as the editorial policy, syndicated articles by prominent men, and uniform advertising commissions to agencies. The delegates will also try to reach a decision on a more uniformly satisfactory system of exchange of intercollegiate news, and other questions of mutual importance will be brought before the meeting.

The program for the convention will begin on Friday morning, when delegates from about '27 colleges will hold their first conference in the CRIMSON Sanctum. This will be followed by a luncheon, which will be given by the PiDelta Epsilon Journalistic Society, of the Mass. Institute of Technology, and another conference in the afternoon. On Friday evening, an informal banquet will be held at the Engineers' Club, at which several prominent speakers will talk on undergraduate activities and college journalism. Afterwards; the delegation is to be taken through the press rooms of one of the larger Boston newspapers, probably the Boston Herald. The last session of the Convention comes on Saturday morning.

The officers who have been chosen to take charge of the organization this year are: President, W. G. Peirce Jr., General Manager of the Tech; Vice-President, O. P. Williams, Editor-in-chief of the Cornell Daily Sun; Secretary-Treasurer, H. N. Pratt '24, Advertising Manager of the CRIMSON.