President Lowell to Speak in Smith Halls on "Harvard Tradition"

Vaudeville acts, cigarettes, candy, and a jazz band will all form part of the entertainment at the last Smith Halls Smoker of the year, to be given in the Smith Halls Common Room next Monday evening, May 7, at 7 o'clock. President Lowell will speak informally on "Harvard Tradition".

Two smokers instead of one had been planned by the entertainment committee for this month, but because of the proximity of the Freshman "Pop" Concert and Jubilee, only one smoker was arranged.

The entertainment will be in charge of George and James Smith Halls, inasmuch as the last smoker was arranged for by a committee of Persis Smith Hall. Vaudeville acts and dialogues are being prepared by the various members of the first two halls, while a jazz band composed of Freshmen is also scheduled to play.