Main Speaker at Social Service Dinner Stresses Value of Service in Establishing World Court

The Honorable Joseph Walker, Law '90, was the principal speaker at the dinner of the Social Service Committee of Phillips Brooks House in the Union last night.

Following the dinner, which was presided over by Corliss Lamont '24, J. N. White '21 and B. F. Rice-Bassett '25 'old of Settlement House work from the graduate and undergraduate standpoints respectively by describing their experiences while engaged in this work. Mr. G. C. Greener of the North Bennett, St. Industrial School, the next speaker of the evening, said that many of the social service workers expected mainly to shed light upon their charges, but as was more often the case, those engaged in the work received much more benefit than they ever gave.

Mr. Walker, a prominent politician, advocate of the League of Nations and practicing attorney, then addressed the gathering. Stressing the idea that the establishment of international law obtained by international legislation was the greatest social service now possible, Mr. Walker gave an impressive plea for the establishment of a Court of International Justice.

"Think of what anarchy would exist in the country", Mr. Walker urged, "if there were no courts to control the social conditions. In just such a state the whole world is today without an international court of justice. Such a court would be independent of, although backed by, the League of Nations".