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The Class Day Committee announced last night the complete list of box and table assignments for the Senior Spread to be held in Memorial Hall and the Delta on Monday evening, June 18.

Before the spread a corrected and amended list of Seniors and guests with their respective box numbers will be distributed. The Class Day Committee will hold office hours from 9 to 1 o'clock today in Grays 26 to receive corrections and additions to the following list before it goes to the printer this afternoon.

Box 1--Chairman, H. Schaffer, Ruth Hyde; E. Bloomberg, Nellie Bloomberg; D. W. Wainbrouse, Ellen Taylor; S. Sibulkin, Augusta Glickenstein; A. Moskowitz, Dinah Lappin; S. Miller, Rutyh Connors.

Box 2--Chairman, J. M. Hartley, Mildraed Haymond; K. L. Browne, Mary Hovey; W. W. Culter Jr., Isabel Donovab; K. C. McCoy, Mildred Hill; P. G. Mendoza, Josephine Mendoza; J. R. Whitman, Pauline Stuart; T. S. Whitman, Priscilla Pierce.

Box 3--Chairman, W. L. Maclachlan, Marjoire McKay; W. G. Maclachlan, Kathryn Butlers; H. V. Smart, Margaret Noble; C. E. Huson, Mabel Elliot; C. A. Gregory, Mildred Pinkham; G. N. Miller, Amelia Foss.

Box 4--Chairman A. R. Balsam, Margaret Nas; J. F. Lincoln, Madeline Bastian; P. R. Lincoln, Dorothy Gray; H. B. Tyson, Eleanor Gilligan; A. W. Jones, Priscilla Sargent; J. M. Cooper, Virginia Cross.

Box 5--Chairman, M. Morrill, Mildred Marcus; H. J. Freedman, Josephine Freedman; A. H. Ellis, Florence Levy; M. J. Koleman, Helen Koleman; E. J. Berman, Rose Cohen; H. Meirowitz, Anne Seidel; A. E. Sopers, Anne Herwitz; H. Hoffman, Rae Hoffman.

Box 6--Chairman R. Brandt, Priscilla Delano; H. Barker, Marion Dexter; R. H. Nay, Alice Alden; M. R. Pike, Nelle Allen; R. G. Boyd, Edna Allen; D. Shaw, Mary Cameron; R. Dexter, Virginia Thompson.

Box 7--Chairman, H. J. Williams, Hazel Reid; W. H. Robertson, Elavine Williams; L. V. Baker, Dorothy Freedland; R. M. Grogan, Anna Grogan; Robert Beecher, Gladys Stapley; G. A. Sweet; Eleanor Davis.

Box 8--Chairman, J. R. Flather, Faith Bemis; J. K. Dow, Gwendolin Brooks; F. B. Allen, Margaret Hannington; P. J. FitzGerald, Mary FitzFerald; F. Flather; Leon Fletcher.

Box 9--Chairman, W. Lewis wnd, Adelaide Lewis; S. B. Robinson Jr., Kathleen Turnbull; R. K. Thompson, Margaret Thompson; W. C. Treat, Persis McClennan; T. J. Curtis, Dorothea Crowe; C. C. Sawtell.

Box 10--Chairman, J. W. Quinn, Margaret Stearns; C. Hauers, Marjorie Brennan; G. Nawn, Madeline O'Neil; J. G. Cronin,. Katherine Quinn: H. Nawn, Mrs. Hugh Nawn; V. Hanson, Mrs; Paul V. Hanson.

Box 11--Chairman, R. W. Hoskins, Katherine Shelton; M. Bailey Jr. Peggy Andrews; M. B. Bohm, Doris Dalton; R. S. Bowers, Ruth Walker: C. G. Freese, Virginia Webb: E. R. Habicht, Rarbara H. Russell; R. B. Johnson, Dorothy Johnson.

Box 12--Chairman, B. K. Little, Nina Fletcher; H. L. Hartley, Priscilla Clapp: B. W. Hulskamp, Dorothy Norton; D. M. Oenslager, Beatriec Oenslager.

Box 13--Chairman, G. L. Mattheson, Loring Ware: D. D. Reldy, Helen Mitchell; F. W. Saunders, Lucille Coburn; W. S. Smith, E. E. Boland; D. H. Wallance, Helen Leland: J. C. White, Florence Canton; Wilbor Whittemore, Marguerite Weaver.

Box 14--Chairman H. R. Davis, Isabel Monro; C. B. Monro, Marjory Hill; L. Frost, Marion Frost; E. Young, Barbara Stone; J. Kennedy.

Box 15 Chairman, C. P. Berolzheimer, Mrs. C. P. Berolzheimer; J. A. Arena, Frances Macbeth; J. A. Arena, Frances Macbeth; J. Arena, Marion Weloh; S. M. Barg, Helen Berolzheimer.

Box 16--Chairman, J. T. Baldwin, Eleanor Sutton; F. K. Kernan, Grace Sargent; S. C. Graves Jr., Mary Hall; L. Nichols; R. Field, J. S. Clark Jr.

Box 17--Chairman, S. W. Leck, Irene McKinney; W. Russell, Eta Sweet; J. D. Martindale. H. C. Withers.

Box 18--Chairman, S. B. Andrew, Rosamond Reed; P. W. Butman, Cornelia Waring; G. C. Guild, Dorothy Springer; D. S. Parker, Dolly Hollander; P. F. Coburn, Katherine Butman; W. Palmer, Natalie Page; E. O. Pride Mildred Richardson; W. C. Bennett, Edith Page; C. Chandler.

Box 19--Chairman, P. R. Harmel, Sylvia Weisbuch; M. Weisbuch, Elizabeth Smith; E. Kavinoky, Irene Rose; G. Nathan, Berthe Mitchell; L. Levy, Rose Long; J. Collins, Paula Freedman, Caroline Heller; W. Silverman, Viola Cornez; R. P. Kantor, Rose Sachs; T. T. Cook, Gertrude Davis.

Box 20--Chairman P. Kunhardt, Hariet Royce; H. Fuller, Hildegard Kunhardt; R. Cordingley, Guinevere Knott; B. Cogan, Eleanor Saxe; D. Maxwell, Harriet Jackson; H. Balch, Martha Bigelow.

Box 21--Chairman, J. T. Edsall, Arvia MacKaye; E. K. Broggg, Elizabeth MacKie; R. K. MacKaye, Lavinia MacBride; A. N. Moore, Eleanor Shaw.

Box 22--Chairman, W. K. Shaw Jr., Helen Scott; W. H. Churchill, Ruth Forbes; E. Morss Jr., Gertrude Russell; J. M. Forbes, Theresa Winsor; J. M. Begg, Felice Begg; H. P. U. Harris, Geraldine Clark.

Box 23--Chairman, C. F. Farbach, Ruth Cox; B. Barton, Phyllis Brown; C. R. Paine, Dorothy Garland; T. R. Rodgers, Elizabeth M. Savage; P. Bauer; Bernard Barton.

Box 24--Chairman, P. E. Wilson, Marion Hopkins; A. H. Gordon, Abby Hooker; G. T. Barker, Charlottee Sanger; R. Worthinggton, Frances Burrage; W. B. Wood, Anna Fuller; S. Mitchell, Cornelius Hawes.

Box 25--Chairman, W. H. Bowker, Edith Hill; F. W. Taylor; Elsie Burgess; C. W. Turner, Antoinette Carillo; C. H. Sawyer, Grace Elwell; K. Reardon, Margaret McDonald; E. McCurdy, Dorothy Morgan; H. E. Graham, Amy Edmands; B. H. McCurdy, Gertrude Stone; P. Hurd, margaretha Hackebarth.

Box 26--Chairman, J. G. Flint, Eleanor Musgrave; D. Dunscombe, Kathryn Knight; J. Wilder Kinan Wilder; R. Robb Jr., Catherine Robb; V. Chapin, Esther Washburn; C. C. de Gersdorff, M. Duane.

Box 27--Chairman, a. Loud, Margaret Newlin; H. Stetson, Mary Hand; M. Blake, Emily Close; T. Williams, Eleanor Stetson; R. Wait, Ramona Osburn; W. H. Forbes, Sarah Davis; T. Drier, Antoinette Drier; S. M. Weld, Faith Ward.

Box 28--Chairman, J. MacDuffie 2d, Evelyn Walker; J. H. Dempsey, Ethel Dempsey; R. A. Almy, Olive Kahlo; D. Bush, Harriet Pratt; A. D. Knox, Mabel Bremer; J. McK Kimball, Rosamend Adie; H. L. Pratt, Laura Taylor; J. S. Amory; D. Angier; R. W. Watts Jr.

Box 29--Chairman, C. M. Haswell, Katherine Taylor; W. V. Stewart, Ethle Tammer; H. Kidner.

Box 30--Chairman, M. Fish, Elizabeth Morse; O. H. Payne, Anna Jackson; F. Fish, Alice Whiting.

Box 31--Chairman, R. L. Hobart, Barbara Bowes; G. Bowes, Kathryn Hobart; E. Hobart, Gertrude Wilder; W. Culver, Emma Wilder; H. Talbot, Margaret Shanks; L. Williams, Flora Williams; R. Underwood, Mazie Olsen; M. Wolcott Jr., Antoinette Meech.

Box 32--Chairman, R. D. A. McKnight, Eliza Bacon; R. W. Heizer, Alice Harris; J. H. Courtney, Frances Courtney; R. F. Murphy, Dorothy Martin; D. H. Courtney.

Box 33--Chairman, L. T. Lloyd, Marion Brenner; H. J. Barrett. Constance Lloyd; L. K. Campbell, Dorothy Lloyd; E. O. Cappers, Dorothy Higgins; L. E. Travis, Mary Crawford.

Box 34--Chairman, E. M. McCarthy, Beatrice Sullivan; M. L. McElroy, Dorothy Wilson; J. J. Leary, Ann McCarthy; P. K. McElroy, Luella Tucker; A. M. Terhune, Pearl Lux; N. H. McElroy Dorothy Cheney.

Box 35--Chairman, F. S. Pollak, Katherino Pollak; A. D. Black, Ethel Emerson; B. G. Ohlin, Inez Polak; R. F. Doolittle.

Box 36--Chairman, J. S. Giles, Susan Giles; J. A. Pulsford, Josephine Grover; F. L. Corbin, Elizabeth Ramseyer; R. T. Westermark, Audrey Griffin; C. DeM. Emmons, Ruth Schumacher; G. Bronkle, Ruth Loomer; R. S. Ladd, Kathryn Boynton.

Box 37--Chairman, J. Stewart, Hazel Montgomery; R. D. Richardson, Caroline Foss; W. Cooper, Ellen Wales; A. Lomax Marion Quigloy.

Box 38--Chairman, R. a. Lutz Eleanor Steadman; S. L. Mahoney, Shirley Polton; A. J. Norton, Dorothy Clapp; F. W. Mansfield Jr., Elsie Draper; R. E. Lutz, Margaret Steadman; J. S. Barss, Helen

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