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The first contingent of the University delegation to the R. O. T. C. training quarters at Camp Meade, Md., left the South Station on the Federal Express at 6.30 o'clock yesterday evening and will arrive early this morning for the first day of training.

This year 50 men from the University will attend the artillery camp but the enrollment will not be complete until June 24 as Seniors and men engaged in crew at Red Top will not be able to arrive until that date.

The camp is located 16 miles south west of Baltimore and in addition to the thousand R. O. T. C. infantry, cavalry and artillery students, it will serve as training quarters for a large contingent of Citizen Military Training Camp students. The Twelfth and Thirty-Fourth Regiments of Infantry and one battalion of the Sixth Field Artillery will also be quartered at the post.

The Harvard detachment is as follows:

Basic Students

John Adams Jr. '25, P. L. Boyd '26, Seabury Cook '25, C. L. Dane Jr. '26, R. M. English '26, G. J. Farrelly '26, Roland Fleer '24, B. H. Hayes Jr. '26, F. W. Hennessey 2E.S., J. D. Hills '24, R. H. Jackson '26, T. E. Jansen Jr. '26, F. W. Johnston '26, F. P. Kane '26, J. S. Keech '26, W. C. Macdonald '26, R. E. Morrison '26, C. F. Pero '26, Philip Ruskin '26, Crocker Snow '26, J. N. Watters '26, A. T. Wells '26.

Advanced Students

L. S. Apsey '24, T. E. Armstrong '24, H. L. Arnold '24, G. T. Barker '23, G. V. Baylies '24, W. R. Baylies '24, W. M. Behrens '25, J. L. Berrall '24, A. F. Birch 3E.S., W. S. Clapp '24, C. P. Conlin '23, R. S. Fanning '23, C. H. Gushee '24, A. H. Gordon 23, R. F. Howard '24, C. M. Huson '23, J. P. Merrill '24, J. F. Mersereau '25, R. M. Morrison '24, W. J. O'Hearn '24, W. W. Owens '24, W. K. Phelps '24, W. M. Rosenbaum '24, F. R. Sweeney '24, M. S. Thompson Jr. '25, G. P. Welch '24, J. C. Mrowca '24.

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