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The regulations governing the payment of term-bills for 1923-24 are practically the same as this year, the only exception being that in two cases the dates have been slightly changed. The bills will be sent out as follows:

The first term-bill will be issued on September 24, the opening day of college, and is due and payable the same day. It will include the first installment of tuition.

The second term-bill will be issued on November 13 and is payable on or before November 30. The bill will include charges for one-half the total room rent, the second installment of tuition, and Dining Hall and Union charges from the opening of college to October 31.

The third term bill will be issued on January 12 and is payable on or before January 30. This bill will include Dining Hall and Union charges from November 1 through December 31, and the third installment of the tuition fee.

The fourth term-bill will be issued on April 12 and will be payable on or before April 30. This bill will include charges for the last tuition installment, the balance of the room rent, and fees for additional courses taken during the year.

The last bill will be issued on June 12 and is due on July 10 except to those who are candidates for a degree. To all those intending to receive degrees in June, the bill is payable one day before Commencement, on June 18. This bill will include the balance of all charges for the year, including the Dining Halls and Union charges from April 1.

Bills for miscellaneous charges will be rendered at the time such indebtedness is incurred. Failure to pay any of the above bills before or on the day they are due will render the delinquent liable to a fine of $10.

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