Hemenany, Big Tree and Squash Courts Ready--Physical Training Classes for Freshmen Begin Thursday

The various fall sports under the University Department of Physical Education start today when the Hemenway Gymnasium, the Big Tree swimming pool, and the squash courts on Linden Street will be opened to members of the University. Students will be assigned lockers upon presentation of their Bursar's cards. The fees will be charged on the regular term bills.

The gymnasium class conducted at the Hemenway Gymnasium will not start this year until October 1, and the boxing and wrestling season has also been postponed until after Thanksgiving Day.

The physical training course for Freshmen will start on Thursday, when the initial meeting of Hygiene will be held at 1.05 o'clock in the New Lecture Hall. The program of compulsory exercise will begin the following week with all the fall sports. Squash will not be considered a regular fall sport until after the tennis season, but Freshmen out for managership competitions will be allowed to play at the Linden Street courts from 12 to 1 o'clock, and they will be allowed to continue to play there throughout the season to save the time of walking to Soldiers Field for tennis.

Although compulsory exercise for Freshmen does not start until next Monday, the Freshman gymnasium will be open for voluntary exercise today.