Delcevare King '95 Now Offers Another $200 Prize for Best Essay on Why the Imbiber Should Bear This Name

"Scofflaw, n. One who drinks liquor made or obtained illegally."

The dictionary of the future will contain the above entry, if the popular imagination is captured by the winning word in the $200 contest which has been conducted recently by Delcevare King '95 for an epithet of bitter opprobrium applicable to a lawless drinker. From among over 25,000 words submitted by 6234 people, the winning term was chosen, according to the announcement of the award made last night by the judges.

Inspiration Hits Two at Once

This term occurred to two individuals as the one most appropriate name for the violator of the eighteenth amendment, so that it has been necessary to divide the $200 between the two originators, Henry Irving Dale of Andover, and Miss Kate L. Butler of Fields Corner. Despite the alleged unpopularity of the wets in the West and the many entries received from that section of the country, Massachusetts, the stronghold of anti-Volstead sentiment, has furnished the chosen epithet.

In order to popularize his new term, Mr. King stated that; coincident with the close of the old contest, a new one will begin, in which another $200 will be divided among the authors of the five best 100 word statements of why the drinker of illegal beverages should be called a "scofflaw". This second contest closes on January 31.