But This Number will Undergo Radical Metamorphosis Before Being Placed on Public Sale

An old graduate pushing a baby carriage containing the present Lampoon board is the conception of Lampy's Graduates' Number of the parent of Life prepared for the celebration tonight at 7.30 in Lampy's Sanctum. Many notable alumni will be present, several of whom have written for the special number.

The University will be represented by President Lowell, Dean Briggs, and Professors Kirsopp Lake and R. B. Merriman '06. The list of honorary members from outside the University who will be here includes James Montagomery Flagg and Oliver Herford. Stephen Leacock telegraphed yesterday his inability to come, though he had hoped to be here.

Heywood Broun to Speak

Heywood Broun is coming and is slated to make a speech together with some of the representatives of the College and J. T. Wheelwright '76, one of the first editors of the Lampoon. E. S. Martin '77, another of the founders will also be present. A. K. Moe '97, a well known artist will come and has contributed to the Graduates' Number.

The cover of the number, depicting the alumnus and the baby carriage is by C. J. Child '25. Other features of the number are James Montgomery Flagg's interpretation of himself on route to the Dinner and an editorial by E. S. Martin '77, who is editorial writer for "Life". D. T. W. McCord '21 and Joseph Alger '22 are among the younger contributors.


The Graduates' Number will appear in public next week, but, in accord with Lampy's new policy of clean humor, the Ibis, the Blot, and the Jester intend to expurgate the number after the graduates have enjoyed it.