Famed Author Calls Wisconsin Senator the Ramsay MacDonald of America

Miss Zona Gale, author and playwright, who is aiding Senator La Follette in his presidential campaign, expressed, in an interview with a CRIMSON reporter recently, her reasons for supporting the Wisconsin senator.

"I could not support any candidate," she declared, "unless his promises or prophecies were backed by his record, backed by fact after fact, written into his legislative or congressional or ambassadorial or presidential life. Nothing counts in politics but facts. I shall vote for Senator La Follette because his record shows him to be a man whose chief interest has been the relief of the many from the control of the few."

"Do you think university men are interested in La Follette?" was one question put to Miss Gale.

"I am sure of it," she replied, "The whole tendency in the university is liberal."

"Do you believe the proposed amendment to the Constitution liniting the Supreme Court is necessary?"

"It is only one out of five amendments which Senator La Follette proposes and this one is no more important than any other. I suppose much excitement has been caused by it because it makes a good talking point."

"Miss Gale, why is La Follette any more progressive than were Roosevelt, Wilson or Harding?"

"Roosevelt joined the Progressive movement and ditched it. Wilson formulated Progressive principals, some of which were repudiated in act. La Follette stands on 43 years of public service during which time he has done more to further progressive accomplishment than any other man in the United States. He is the Ramsay MacDonald of this country, a tribute that no other statesman can fittingly claim."