Coach White Has Emphasized Teamwork and Short Passes So Far

With its first game of the season scheduled with Amherst for next Saturday, the University soccer team is gradually rounding into form. Coach White ordered a strenuous practice game Saturday as a preparation for the opening contest.

The line-up of his first team was: T. R. Wickersham '26, outside right; K. B. Crooks '27, inside right; W. E. Trevvett '27, center; G. D. Dorman '25 inside left; W. C. Fordyce '26, outside left; Alnexis de Tarnowsky '26, right halfback; J. E. Purdy '25, center halfback; Captain W. T. Pattison '25, left halfback; J. A. McKinnon '27, right fullback; J. J. Sullivan Jr. '25, left fullback; and R. H. Thomas Jr. '27 at goal.

Seven letter men have been lost to the team through graduation, and two through ineligibility, with the result that there are but four letter men from last year to make the nucleus for this fall's eleven. Two of the four letter men won their insignia two years ago.

Emphasis on team work and short passes has been the outstanding feature of Coach White's system this fall, which has differed in many respects from the systems of previous years.

It is quite possible that shifts in last Saturday's line-up will be made before the Amherst encounter. Several capable substitutes have stood out, including H. S. Gans '27, W. P. Dixon '25, A. J. Bronstein '25, Arthur Rubin '26, H. E. Rubinstein 3E.S., W. J. Small '26, G. A. Norton '26, R. T. Smith '27, and John de Bruyn Kops '26.