Record Includes Service in Both League Secretariat and Paris Embassy--Will Discuss Coolidge's Policies

"Recent Progress of the World Court and the League of Nations" will be the topic on which Professor Manley O. Hudson L. '10, Bemis Professor of International Law, will speak tomorrow evening at Phillips Brooks House at 8 o'clock at a meeting of the Law School Society.

Professor Hudson will analyze the accomplishments of the World Court during its short life and will discuss several of the cases that have come up before it for decision. He has always been one of the staunchest American advocates of the League of Nations and the World Court, and has had an exceptional opportunity to observe both institutions at close range, since he was a member of the legal section of the Secretariat of the League from 1919 to 1921.

Coming just before a national election as it does, this talk is expected to be of special interest in view of the light that it will throw on the foreign policy of the present administration. Professor Hudson will have his information on this topic at first hand also, since during his stay at Paris he served as a special assistant at the American embassy for half a year.