Beat Harvard in 1903 With Same Stunt Lampoon Used Against Crimson in 1901 in Annual Publication Game

The recent encounter between a team from the Haskell Indian School in Kansas and Boston College's aggregation calls to mind the series of games between the University and another Indian team from Carlisle, which occurred during the period from 1896 to 1908. The Indians were victorious in only one game, that at Soldiers Field in 1903, and they won that battle only by the use of tactics so novel that the University team was completely dumbfounded.

When the Indians received the University kick-off they deftly concealed the ball under the back of the jersey of one of their players, and he jumped away to a touchdown, for no one could find he ball although Captain Marshall of the University did give chase, apparently the only player to suspect the ruse.

This trick should never have worked on the University, for Alfred Moo of the Lampoon had worked a similar stunt against the CRIMSON in the annual game between the two literary rivals two years before and everybody in Cambridge knew about it.

As Dillon, the Indian player who had the ball, passed the successive five yard lines and the audience defected the hump on his back, the rolling roar of laughter sounded like the incoming ride on a rocky coast