New Lookers Ordered to Accommodate Crowds of Squash Men

When the University squash course were opened a week ago Sunday for the first time this year so many men applied for lockers that all the available space has already been taken.

Never before in University history have so many men appeared to play squash and the authorities are at a loss to accommodate the large numbers. At present men are being refused room, but 80 new lookers have been ordered, and as soon as these arrive they will be on stalled. These 80 lockers will fill all the vacant space at the building, and if more students apply after these lockers are taken they will be refused space.

Last year the lockers had not been taken until the end of the season at which time it was not deemed necessary to install new lockers.

Mr. W. H. Geer, Director of Physics Education in the University was unable to account for the large increase in the number of squash players, which is ever more remarkable in view of the fact that the tennis season is not yet entirely over.