Graduated From Harvard in 1871--Held Many Degrees--Was at One Time Head of Alumni Association

After lying in a semiconscious coma for several days, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge '71 died last night at the Charlesgate Hospital. Since Wednesday of last week his death has been momentarily expected, the doctors in charge holding forth no hope of saving his life. Friday his condition improved slightly, but he suffered a relapse and passed away at 11.17 o'clock.

Dr. John Henry Cunningham M. '02, who took care of Senator Lodge during his fatal illness, gave the following statement several days ago, relating the circumstances which led up to the end:

"On July 27 Senator Lodge suffered an acute retention of urine from prostatic obstruction. An emergency operation was performed, from which the patient made good recovery.

"The period from then on until the second operation was one of adjustment from the acute condition precipitated by the urinary retention. On Oct. 20 the second operation was performed, in which the prostate gland was removed. The Senator's convalescence was surprisingly good.

Seemed on Way to Recovery

"He was out of bed on the third day and sat up daily thereafter, reading and dictating letters, and the indications were that he would leave the hospital next week with every assurance of being in better health than he had been for some time previous to the operation, and there was every indication that he would be present at the opening of Congress on Dec. 1.

"Wednesday, Nov. 5 at noon he was suddenly seized with a stroke and became unconscious. He remained unconscious since, and his condition became very critcal." (Signed).   Dr. J. H. Cunningham.

Was President of Alumni Association

Senator Lodge has been prominent in state and national politics for many years, serving as a representative in 1887 to 1893 and as a Senator from 1893 to the present time. He was elected Republican floor leader of the Senate in 1918.

Henry Cabot, Lodge was born in 1850. He attended the University from 1867 to 1876, receiving his A.B. degree in 1871, his LL.B. in 1875 and his Ph.D. in History in 1876. He holds many honorary degrees from Williams, Yale, Clark, Amherst, Union, Princeton, Dartmouth and Brown.

He was president of the University alumni association in 1914 and has been an Overseer since 1911.

Senator Lodge was editor of several periodicals and author of a number of books on historical subjects.