Elizabeth Peabody House Worker Appeals to College for Volunteers

An intensive drive to obtain the services of members of the University as settlement house workers in Boston has been planned for the first three days of this week. D. A. Starks, a social service worker from the Elizabeth Peabody House, is canvassing the University to obtain volunteer workers. He will also hold office hours in Phillips Brooks House between 6.30 and 7.30 o'clock tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday to meet students who are interested in Social Service.

In commenting on the opportunity for college men in settlement work, Mr. Starks said:

"One finds in the increasing enthusiasm of college men for social work, both a keener realization of the problems and opportunities of group life and a greater willingness to share their talents with their brothers of the younger generation. Social work has become a recognized college activity, in which, a man may give expression to whatever gifts he possesses, as gymnasium leader, boys' club director, boxing instructor, manual training and woodwork instructors glee club leader, or dramatic coach. An immediate opportunity is now being presented in the campaign of the Elizabeth Peabody Settlement House of the West End of Boston for leaders in these and similar branches of activity. The work calls for only an hour and a half of the student's time each week."