Bishop of Gloucester Will Speak on "The Historical Authority for Our Lord's Ministry" in Emerson D at 8

This evening in Emerson D the Right Reverend Dr. Arthur Cayley Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester and eminent English divine, will deliver the first of the six William Belden Noble lectures at the University this year. Tonight Bishop Headlam will speak on "The Historical Authority for Our Lord's Ministry".

Bishop Headlam has been a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and Regius Professor of Divinity and Canon of Christ Church. He is the author of many theological works, including "The Teaching of the Russian Church", and "St. Paul and Christianity".

He will be at the University until December 5, and will give one of the lectures every other day until the entire series has been completed. Wednesday he will speak on "The Life and Purpose of Jesus of Nazareth", and Friday his subject will be "The Teaching of Jesus", The other lectures will deal with other topics about the life of the founder of Christianity, including the much debated "Virgin Birth".