Senior Class Will Choose Secretary, Class Committee, Class Day Committee and Album Committee

The final Senior elections will be held today. The Secretary, the Class Committee, the Class Day Committe, and the Album Committee will be chosen. The polls will be open in Sever Hall, and in Harvard Hall basement between 9 and 5 o'clock, and in Pierce Hall from 8.45 to 11.30 o'clock. The Pierce Hall booth is primarily for members of the class in the Engineering School.

The Nominating Committee has called the attention of the class to the rule specifying that the requisite number of candidates for each office must be voted for in order to make the ballot valid.

This ruling means that one choice must be marked for Secretary, two for the Class Committee, seven for the Class Day Committee, and five for the Album Committee.

The following Juniors have been appointed to watch the polls:

Sever Hall--9-10, G. E. Smith, W. B. Macomber: 10-11, J. R. Fordyce, E. S. Daniell Jr.: 11-12, R. N. Schacht, L. V. Harris; 12-1, S. B. Cooper, H. G. Dorman; 1-2, R. S. Bailey, F. B. Hayne; 2-3, R. H. Jackson, A. G. Smith; 3-4, H. R. Jones, F. B. Swarts; 4-5, L. H. Roots, R. H. Field.


Harvard Hall 9-10, E. H. Bradford Jr., H. A., Bull; 10-11, L. W. Grossman, LeB. R. Barker; 11-12, C. L. Todd, A. G. Cooke; 12-1, F. D. Frost, Richard Jones; 1-2, R. P. McFadden, F. T. Gibson; 2-3, Kennard Woodworth, R. H. Dyer; 3-4, W. O. Field, D. C. Gates; 4-5, C. F. Victor J. W. Perkins.

Pierce Hall: 8.45-11.30, C. C. Nast.