Application Blanks Ready January 5--Massachusetts Hall and Two Holden Dormitories Will Be Finished

The 1926 Senior Dormitory Committee has settled upon the method of allotting rooms in the Yard Dormitories for the year 1925-26, according to an announcement made yesterday by M. A. Cheek Jr. '26, chairman of the committee.

Applications may be filed with the committee at any time between the reopening of college on January 5 and 6 o'clock on the evening of Wednesday, January 14, when the applications will definitely close. The assignment of rooms will be made in the latter part of January.

Holden Dormitories on List


It has been decided by the officers of the University to include the two Holden Dormitories on the list of rooms assigned by the committee at this time. The earlier announcement that only the present Senior dormitories and the remodelled Massachusetts Hall would be included was modified when it became certain that the Holden dormitories will be ready for occupancy in September. As a result of these additional dormitories, the committee will be able to provide for approximately 400 men.

The committee is of the unanimous opinion that the same general scheme of allotment that the 1925 committee adopted should again be followed. This system was based on a draw, and the rooms were assigned strictly by lot, without regard to the prominence of the men nor to the theory of "congenial entries", under the cover of which former committees in many cases showed favoritism, which the present committee believes to be undemocratic.


Men Will Apply in Groups of Six

Cheek declared last night, however, that there will be certain changes in detail which will be explained in full on January 4. The substance of the new plan is that any number of men up to and including six may apply in a group. Above six, only groups of 12 and 18 will be considered, and these groups must be subdivided into groups of six or less. The purpose of this last provision is to safeguard the men who may lose in the draw for larger groups. As was done last year, the larger groups will be given preference.

The committee will hold daily office hours at the Crimson Building from January 5 through January 14, from 1 o'clock to 2 in the afternoon and from 7 o'clock to 8 in the evening. Application blanks will be given out to all men who desire to apply, providing they enther entered college with the class of 1926 or are candidates for degrees in 1926. Any application which includes the name of any man ineligible under these rules will be thrown out entirely.

The chairman of the committee or one of the other members will be in the Crimson Building this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon between 1 and 2 o'clock to give out price lists for the various Senior rooms, and to answer questions from members of the class. The chairman will also be available at certain other hours during the day and evening at his room, Russell 13.