Boston will be the first stop of the Princeton Triangle Club's Christmas tour, during which the Club will present its new musical comedy. "The Scarlet Coat." The Boston performance will be at the Opera House on Saturday, Decmber 20, at 8.15 o'clock. The scene is laid in the Canadian Northwest--and "the action promises to be fast and furious."

The music and dancing of "The Scarlet Coat" are said to be well above the average. In fact, to meet the increasing need for adequate accompaniment, the orchestra, which is being conducted by W. R. Ferris, will be larger than ever before. The members are to be picked from the Princeton Symphony Orchestra, where "they have had the benefit and advantage of several years of orchestral training."

Orchestra Played in Spain

A special attraction of the performance will be the Specialty Jazz Orchestra, which "won an almost international reputation by its European trip last summer. When in Spain, the orchestra was asked to play before King Alphonso and Queen Victoria at Santander, the summer palace of the Spanish court, where it was given a reception by the Queen. Besides playing at numerous benefit balls, the orchestra filled many private engagements, which included a concert at the American embassy in San Sebastian, Spain.

"Unlike other college productions, the Princeton Triangle Club plays have always been original musical dramas rather than revues. This takes far greater care and pains in the perfecting of the play. The originality of the stage designing and lighting effects are particularly striking. These two departments have been so highly developed that they have influenced professional technique to a marked extent.

New Electrical Effects

"In fact, so many ideas from the Triangle shows have been incorporated in Broadway performances that it has been found necessary to patent these innovations. Notable among the contributions to the world of stage have been "Radium Ballet" from "The Man from Earth," and the picturesque opening scene of the second act of "Drake's Drum," in which unusual effects of cloud and water drawing were obtained. Both were subsequently to be seen on Broadway."

This year's electrical department has been working all summer, devising and perfecting the lighting effects for this year's production, and they have succeeded in inventing a machine for projecting an Aurora Borealis, which will be patented.

There will be tea-dances and parties preceding the performance. Many prominent Boston women and former patronesses of the Hasty Pudding Shows are helping to assure success to the performance.

Tickets are on sale at Leavitt & Pierce and Herrick's.